K-12 Tuition Free Public School

4th/5th Facilitators

Christine Kunishige

Christine loves SCVi and truly believes that being part of this fantastic community has enriched her love for teaching, development as an educator, and growth as an individual.
 Christine has more than twelve years of experience working with children. She holds a black belt and spent her teenage years as a martial arts instructor, teaching students from ages three to adult. It was during this time that she decided to become a teacher. Christine is passionate about creating positive, trusting relationships with her students and individualizing their education to help them experience success in all areas of life. After graduating from Saugus High School, Christine enrolled in the Integrated Teacher Education Program. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in liberal studies and a multiple-subject teaching credential. Christine feels her experience was extremely worthwhile, where she learned about hands-on learning, diversity in the classroom, and interdisciplinary projects. She enjoys positively influencing the school's culture by sharing The 7 Habits with learners, staff, and families throughout the SCVi community. She has received training in Love and Logic, 7 Habits, Understanding by Design, and Win-Win Discipline. She also holds a certificate through the city of Santa Clarita’s CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program.

Matt Watson

Email: matt.watson@scvi-k12.org

Matt has been with the Explorer Team and SCVi for two years. He was so blessed by the amazing things that he and the Explorers experienced last year and is confident that this year will be even better. 
This is his seventeenth year of teaching, and he has experience on many different levels. Before joining SCVi, Matt spent five years as a teacher and administrator at a school in Quito, Ecuador, and is fluent in Spanish. After graduating from Saugus High School, Matt received his bachelor’s degree in history and master’s degree in education from California State University, Northridge, along with a great deal of education and experience in education along the way. In 2005, First Lady Laura Bush, who was touring and researching innovative classrooms, visited his classroom. He enjoys scuba diving and skiing and is truly moved by the enthusiasm he has found in his colleagues, his learners, and the families at SCVi.

Melissa Smith

Email: melissa.smith@scvi-k12.org

Melissa is a familiar face around SCVi’s campus as she has served as a substitute facilitator in all grade levels in the past and facilitated High School English the second semester of last year. This year, she is excited to join SCVi as a member of the 4th/5th grade facilitator team. 
Melissa is passionate about children and teaching and enjoys working with learners of all ages. She taught pre-school in the past and has multiple credentials, including a bachelor's degree and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the University of Laverne. She is now working toward her master's degree in education from the University of Laverne as well as her Single Subject English Credential from UCLA. Originally from New York, but now a resident of Valencia. Her hobbies outside of teaching include hiking, the outdoors, paddle boarding, the beach, biking, traveling, cooking, and photography.

Tim Alves
Email: tim.alves@scvi-k12.org

Tim is proud to be entering his third year of teaching at SCVi, and second year with Team Explorers. This will also be his second year as Athletic Director after founding the SCVi sports program last year.
 Previously, Tim worked at Almondale Middle School in Littlerock as a seventh and eighth grade teacher for three years. He also spent a year abroad teaching English as a foreign language in the Marshall Islands through WorldTeach. Tim received his bachelor’s degree and teaching credential at California State University, Chico. He also received his Masters of Arts in Teaching through the USC. Outside of work, Tim loves to travel, spend time with family and friends, and play sports, especially soccer.

Tina Navarro
Email: tina.navarro@scvi-k12.org

Tina is very excited to start her fourth year of teaching at SCVi. She has grown both personally and professionally and gained a tremendous amount of passion and commitment toward educating her learners to be successful 21st-century leaders.
Tina grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley, constantly involved in sports, and graduating high school as a four-year basketball player. Prior to becoming a teacher, she worked with children for seven years as a health club’s child center supervisor. During this time, she organized field trips and extracurricular activities, developed childcare programs, organized summer camps, and coordinated birthday parties. She graduated from California State University, Northridge, where she received her multiple-subject teaching credential and a bachelor's degree in liberal studies with a concentration in Chicano studies. While there, she was placed at SCVi for her second semester teaching experience and considers herself fortunate to have found a school whose philosophies, values, and ideas coincide with her own. Tina is passionate about physical fitness and providing students with opportunities to be healthy and active. She regularly participates in marathons and enjoys taking hikes with her dog. She is thrilled, eager, and honored to begin this fourth year as part of a wonderful team of educators who are committed to making the learning experience for students worthwhile.