K-12 Tuition Free Public School

6th-8th Grade Facilitators
Brad Nelson

Email: brad.nelson@scvi-k12.org
Website: http://scvimypmath.wix.com/home

Brad joins the SCVi team this year with twelve years of teaching experience with the Keppel Union School District in the Antelope Valley. He has taught grades four through seven, most recently teaching sixth and seventh grade math and P.E. as well as the AVID college prep elective for the past seven years. Brad grew up and went to school in a small town of approximately four hundred people in midwest Minnesota. He attended college at Mayviell State University in North Dakota, a college with a unique setting and a student population of roughly seven hundred. It has just one major, which is education. He enjoyed his years in high school and college and today enjoys supporting current and former students in their athletic and other pursuits. During the summer months, Brad returned to Minnesota to visit his two sisters and brother. He spent his days at a lake cabin swimming, water skiing, and tubing.

Alexa Hale
Email: alexa.hale@scvi-k12.org

Cheryl Sena
Email: cheryl.sena@scvi-k12.org
Website: csena.scvi-k12.org

Cheryl joined the SCVi team in December 2008 as the seventh grade English/history facilitator. She looped with the learners for two more years and is very excited that those same learners make up SCVi's first graduating class. An avid reader and writer, Ms. Sena teaches 7th grade humanities and Language A. A big proponent of collaborative learning, Ms. Sena uses cooperative learning structures daily. For the past few years, she's been following her lifelong dream of writing and publishing a book. She has two daughters who attend SCVi and a dog who wishes she could go to school. 

Michele Frayer
Email: michele.frayer@scvi-k12.org

Maynard Kachena

Email: maynard.kachena@scvi-k12.org
Website: http://scvimypmath.wix.com/home

Maynard joins the SCVi team from the Keppel Union School District. He previously taught P.E. for both seventh and eighth grade, along with pre-algebra for seventh and algebra for eighth grade. Here, he is a member of the math team, as well as the seventh grade facilitator team. Originally from Pisek, North Dakota, he left the small town to teach in California. He is a proud alumni of North Dakota State University. In his off time, Maynard enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn son. Together, they enjoy sports, fishing, and traveling, especially going back to North Dakota to visit family during the summer.

Dustin Lengning

Math / Science / Language
Email: dustin.lengning@scvi-k12.org

Dustin, or Mr. L as many learners refer to him, has a love for education, sports, and becoming submerged in projects (something he learned here at SCVi). He received his bachelor 's degree in social sciences with an emphasis in psychology from Chapman University in Orange, California. He continued his education through Chapman to receive his teaching credential and a master 's degree in education with an emphasis in curriculum and design. Mr. L has been teaching math, science, and language at SCVi for the past four years. He also has enjoyed being lead coach for the Lego Robotics Program and SCVi Bowling the last several seasons. Being a hands-on learner himself, Mr. L knows the positive results that occur when an instructor allows learners to discover their own education through projects. Not only is it the discovery of education, but it is also a love for learning that lasts throughout one 's life. He is proud to have been given the opportunity to be a part of SCVi's team. He firmly believes in the philosophy of education by which the school serves, and he hopes to instill the love for knowledge in all of his learners.

Keith Faulkner

Email: keith.faulkner@scvi-k12.org
Website: http://kfaulkner.wix.com/humanities

Keith has been in the teaching profession since 2004. He received his bachelor of arts in history from the California State University, San Bernardino, and obtained his teaching credential through Chapman University. Keith set out on his teaching journey intending to teach at the college level. After substitute teaching in middle school and primary grades, Keith discovered this is where he could make a difference. Keith has a passion for history. Keith is currently working on his master's degree in educational leadership through Chapman University. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to help the students of SCVi to reach their full potential.

Michael Dub

Email: michael.dub@scvi-k12.org
Class Website: http://scvimypmath.wix.com/home

Michael has been teaching since 2004 in the public school system. Most recently, he taught pre-algebra and algebra at Keppel Academy. He hails from a small town in North Dakota and studied elementary education at Mayville State University. Michael made the venture west to teach and see different perspectives of the United States. He met and married his wife here in California; she also is not a California native but is an educator too. Michael enjoys sports, traveling, and camping. Michael is thrilled to have the opportunity to work at SCVi. He looks forward to gaining a new point of view in education by working at a charter school and expanding his professional experiences. Michael is energized to work with the learners at SCVi and to be a part of shaping tomorrow's leaders.