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Amber Raskin

Executive Director of Business Development & Operations
Email: amber.raskin@scvi-k12.org

Amber Golden Raskin is a veteran charter school founder and operator as well as an accomplished television producer with expertise in school governance and business management. In addition to serving as an Executive Director of iLEAD Schools Development, and sitting on the schools’ governing boards, she sits on local community boards and aspires to make her local and global community all that it can be. She has advocated in both Sacramento and Washington D.C. for community, safety and educational issues. A graduate of California State University at Long Beach, she has traveled the world, often with kids in tow. Amber decided to create a charter school so that access to innovative educational instruction would be accessible to a wide range of students. The first independent site based charter school in the Santa Clarita Valley was opened in 2008, which led to the creation of more schools and eventually a Charter Management Organization. 

Before education she worked in the television industry as a producer, responsible for creating hundreds of hours of network television. She was responsible for multimillion-dollar budgets, staffing, and the start-up of new companies, including work in budget creation and forecasting, contract negotiations, facilities procurement and negotiations, and a host of other management activities. 

While in television, she managed several different staffs of 100+ and in her current position, she oversees 200+ employees, develops new programs, procedures and processes to support the innovative schools in the iLEAD Schools network. Amber is a systems thinker, with a deep understanding of the creative process and believes that the systems and procedures in any organization should conform to human behavior and the people that use them, rather than the other way around. An entrepreneur and innovator at heart, Amber is increasingly being asked to speak at various events regarding making a difference and educational reform.

Dawn Evenson
Executive Director of Education
Email: dawn.evenson@scvi-k12.org

Dawn has over 25 years of experience in education. She has been a school administrator for over 10 years in both primary and secondary schools. As a teacher, Dawn used project-based learning in her classroom. She is passionate about doing whatever it takes to make a difference in the lives of children. She has successfully set up small learning communities with a focus on building relationships, which encourages students to make good choices. While a student at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington, Dawn earned a liberal arts degree with an emphasis on special needs students and English. She received her master’s in educational administration from California State University, Northridge. Dawn has been a curriculum resource teacher, a mentor teacher, and a BTSA program director. Dawn is active in the Association of California School Administrators. She has held several positions on the Region XV Executive Board and currently serves as the Region XV president. She was awarded the 2006 Middle School Principal of the Year Award by ACSA Region XV. Dawn is excited to be a part of the SCVi team and looks forward to creating an innovative, engaging, and supportive learning environment! She resides in Lancaster, California, with her husband. Her three daughters are now in college.

Matt Watson
Upper School Director
Email: matt.watson@scvi-k12.org

Mr. Watson has been a part of the SCVi team for four years, bearing the responsibility of classroom facilitator for three years and most recently, this year, supporting the school as director of data and assessment. Before joining us at SCVi, Mr. Watson was the administrator at a private high school in Quito, Ecuador, for five years. Previous to his leadership abroad, Mr. Watson held positions as both a teacher and district administrator with LAUSD for ten years. He is fluent in Spanish and brings his international experiences to SCVi. He also brings with him understanding of the Santa Clarita Valley, as he grew up here and graduated from Saugus High School, and holds a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in educational leadership. We are thrilled to welcome Matt Watson to his new interim position.


Lisa Latimer
Lower School Director
Email: lisa.latimer@scvi-k12.org

Linda Krystek

Home Study Director
Email: linda.krystek@scvi-k12.org
Home Study Website

Shannon Barragan
Director of Information Technology 
Email: shannon.barragan@scvi-k12.org

Shannon Barragan is the IT Director for the iLEAD Schools Charter Management Organization. She has three children, all of whom attend SCVi. Shannon has lived in Santa Clarita for over thirty years and earned her degree in Finance from Cal State University, Northridge. Her previous work experience includes management and banking, specializing in branch operations .  She discovered her passion for technology working for SCVi and is thrilled to be a part of the iLEAD Schools Leadership Team

Erin Leigsring
IT Coordinator

Email: erin.leigsring@scvi-k12.org

Priscilla Shary
IT Coordinator

Email: priscilla.shary@scvi-k12.org
Priscilla is married and has two young boys who attend SCVi. She was fortunate enough to get her first child into SCVi his kindergarten year. He has now entered second grade, and the family is loving it. Her youngest is starting TK this year. In the IT Department, Priscilla learns something new every day. It is truly a rewarding position. She's currently working on finishing her bachelor's degree. She loves spending time with her family, dirt bike riding, and camping. Her boys are very active, so they are always enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather of SoCal. She is excited to be a part of SCVi. 

Danijela Kuric

Email: danijela.kuric@scvi-k12.org

Danijela was first introduced to SCVi as a parent of two students. After she and her husband first heard about SCVi, they added their boys names to the wait list. As luck would have it, the school added one more class and both were accepted. She says SCVi gave her kids the ability to learn at their own pace and to be recognized as unique individuals, as each of us is.
 Danijela was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When she was eighteen, she traveled to Germany to visit her aunt. While there, the war in former Yugoslavia escalated, making it impossible for her to return home. She remained in Germany for six years with a temporary refugee visa until the German government began sending refugees back to Bosnia. She and her husband applied for a resettlement program offered by the U.S. government. After moving to the U.S., Danijela worked in accounting for four years. When her first son was born, however, she decided to stay at home with him. Seven years later and now a mom of two boys, Danijela returned to work at a grocery store as a cashier and accountant. Today, she enjoys being part of the great team at SCVi that makes a difference for so many students. Danijela enjoys reading and traveling.

Nicole Padovich
After-School Care Coordinator
Email: nicole.padovich@scvi-k12.org

Sara Brown
Community Outreach Coordinator
Email: sara.brown@scvi-k12.org
Sara is the mother of two SCVi learners, and when they are not at school, she loves taking them on day trips to see and explore new things all around the Los Angeles area. She writes articles for the SCVi newsletter sharing some of the fun and exciting ways SCVi learners an their families can stay connected to learning when not in school.

Allison O'Hare
New Facilitator Support
WASC Site Coordinator

Email: allison.ohare@scvi-k12.org
Allison has been at SCVi for five years. She began as a classroom facilitator but has since changed roles. For the last two years, Allison has worked as SCVi’s WASC site coordinator and continues to work to maintain SCVi’s WASC status. In addition to that role, Allison is also working closely with the new facilitators.

Outside of school, Allison loves spending time with her husband and son. She enjoys going on walks, taking trips to the park, and anything else that involves spending time with her family.

Elsa Williamson
Leadership Resident

Email: elsa.williamson@scvi-k12.org
Elsa is proud to be in her fourth school year with iLEAD Schools and is looking forward to spending the 2014-15 school year formally participating in the iLEAD School Director Residency Program. During the 2013-2014 school year, she served as leadership resident and administrative designee at SCVi, acting as school director when necessary. Mrs. Williamson's previous experience with iLEAD Schools includes taking on the roles of language coordinator, CELDT district coordinator, and IB coordinator for the Diploma Program. In addition, Mrs. Williamson has worked with learners in kindergarten through fifth grade since 2000, teaching second through fifth grades for six of those years in private centers. She has also tutored upper school foreign language students at several private schools. She has a BA in English literature and has completed a master's degree in educational leadership.

Jenner Jose
Recruitment & Retention
Email: jenner.jose@scvi-k12.org
Many of you already know Jenner, as he joined SCVi last academic year as our Lead Advisor. Jenner used his natural ability to connect with others when providing leadership and support to staff, modeling good citizenship to learners, and creating an overall caring culture. He enjoyed listening to learners, providing guidance and advice, and mediating conflicts. He also worked with our high school facilitators and guidance team to ensure learners were successfully completing projects and classes so they are on target to graduate (SCVi will have its first graduating class in 2013-2014!). Jenner has fourteen years of experience in education, with three of those spent in private schools and eleven in charter schools. He was in a supervisory role for seven years and has a BS in accounting and marketing. Jenner and his wife have been married for twelve years and have three children.

Carron Crookshanks
Email: carron.crookshanks@scvi-k12.org

Amanda Palmieri
Business Office

Email: amanda.palmieri@scvi-k12.org

Cecilyn Zoubek

Email: cecilyn.zoubek@scvi-k12.org

Rachel Frank
Email: rachel.frank@scvi-k12.org

Armando Guillen

Email: armando.guillen@scvi-k12.org

Warren Sands
Email: warren.sands@scvi-k12.org