K-12 Tuition Free Public School

Care Team
Mallory Fencil
4/5 Care Team
Email: mallory.fencil@scvi-k12.org
Mallory joined the team temporarily in the spring of 2014 before joining the 4/5 classrooms full-time as a Care Team member. She's currently attending CSUN and hopes to stay with the SCVi and iLEAD teams for as long as possible. Working with children and inspiring a learning spirit remain two of her most cherished pastimes. Mallory greatly enjoys the work that SCVi allows her to pursue and is very thankful to be a member of the iLEAD team.

Tatjana Bokun
Yard Duty

Email: tatjana.bokun@scvi-k12.org

Eva Bush
Yard Duty

Email: eva.bush@scvi-k12.org

Mindy Davis
Yard Duty

Email: mindy.davis@scvi-k12.org

Ailyn Lopez
Email: ailyn.lopez@scvi-k12.org

Elizabeth Oliver
Student Support
Email: elizabeth.oliver@scvi-k12.org

Kimberly Ross
After-School Care

Email: kimberly.ross@scvi-k12.org

Kimberly Pimentel
After-School Care

Email: kimberly.pimentel@scvi-k12.org

Allison Chang
After-School Care

Email: allison.chang@scvi-k12.org

Victor Carone
Ed Specialist
Email: victor.carone@scvi-k12.org

Christopher Bojorquez
Email: christopher.bojorquez@scvi-k12.org